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Brief history

1992Reverend Siew contacted St Paul Methodist Church Remuera in Auckland to rent their church premises.
March 14, 1993The first church of the New Zealand Chinese Methodist Church was officially established in Auckland. (Now known as the Auckland Chinese Methodist Church-ACMC)
March 24, 1993Thanksgiving service held in Auckland. The first pastor was hired the same year.
July 23, 1994The first pastor, Pastor Chen Liliang and his wife, arrived and took on the pastoral work of the church.
April 9, 1995Establishment of the Christchurch Chinese Methodist Church (CCMC).
April 7, 1996Establishment of the Dunedin Chinese Methodist Church (DCMC).
March 24, 2002Official establishment of the Chinese Methodist Church in Wellington. (Now known as Wellington Chinese Methodist Church-WCMC)
March 21, 2004Official establishment of the Mission Conference of the Chinese Methodist Church in New Zealand.
June 2004Tauranga began Chinese outreach group meetings.
February 19, 2006Establishment of the Remuera Preaching Centre – the first church plant by ACMC (now known as Remuera Chinese Methodist Church-RCMC).
September 1, 2006Tauranga Outreach Ministry was under the support of ACMC, which is part of the Mission Conference (now known as the Tauranga Chinese Methodist Church-TCMC).
October 2011Hamilton Preaching Centre officially established (now known as the Hamilton Chinese Methodist Church-HCMC). Previously run by Gospel Church which was established in March, 2006.
November 4, 2012RCMC started their first English worship service.
July 9, 2017Establishment of the New Plymouth Preaching Centre (NPCMMC). It is a sister church of RCMC.
March 16, 2018Mission Conference has officially became Provisional Annual Conference (PAC) of the Chinese Methodist Church in New Zealand.
May 20, 2018Queenstown Preaching Point (QTCMMP) established.
August 12, 2018North Shore Preaching Centre established (now known as North Shore Chinese Methodist Church-NSCMMC). It was ACMC second church planting ministry.
December 25, 2018Lower Hutt Preaching Point in Wellington (WCMPP) formally established.
March 14, 2021Formal establishment of the Palmerston North Preaching Point (PNCMPP).
July 25, 2021English service was establised at CCMC.
July 3, 2022Methodist Preaching Point established. (Now is Methodist Mission Centre)
December 3, 2022Establishment of the Hamilton North Preaching Point (HCMPP).

Oral history

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